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Petition to the European Commission to finance EU Provision to the Cochrane Library

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To: European Commission

Re: EU Provision to the Cochrane Library


We, the undersigned, petition the European Commission to finance EU Provision to the Cochrane Library free of charge for all citizens of the Member States of the European Union.


Independent and reliable information on the effectiveness of treatment options is vital if health care professionals, policy makers and patients are to make sound healthcare decisions.


The Cochrane Library is an electronic database that is updated four times a year and contains the world’s leading collection of comprehensive, up-to-date, independently reviewed, reliable information on effects of health technologies, whether these be drugs, surgical interventions or alternative medicines. The information is made available in the form of transparent high quality systematic reviews. Currently, the Cochrane Library contains more than 3,000 systematic reviews.


The Cochrane Library is produced by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international, independent, not-for-profit organization of more than 15,000 dedicated volunteers (health professionals, researchers and patients) whose aim is to improve healthcare decision-making globally, by producing systematic reviews of the evidence about the effects of healthcare interventions. As each review has a plain language summary, lay people are also able to benefit from the empowering information contained in the Cochrane Library.


Having recognized the value of such independent information in improving the quality of healthcare and optimizing public expenditures in health, a number of governments and public agencies around the world have financed free access to the Cochrane Library for their doctors and nurses, as well as the general public.


Currently, half of the world's population have free direct access to the Cochrane Library, but citizens in a number of EU countries do not.


We, the undersigned, to be collectively referred to as the European Union Alliance for the Dissemination of Evidence (EU-ADE), urge the European Commission to take immediate steps to provide free access to the Cochrane Library for all citizens of the Member States.  

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