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Signatures for Petition to the European Commission to finance EU Provision to the Cochrane Library

ID First Name Last Name Comments Institution Function
1 NorbertWilk Yeah, I support it! AHTAPol Deputy Director
2 RomualdKrajewski Free access to Cochrane Library is a very good idea, and it should be implemented ASAP. Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists Supreme Council Member
3 WaldemarWierzba   AHTAPol Dyrektor
4 MałgorzataBaca   AOTM  
5 GrzegorzPtak   Jagiellonian University Faculty of Medicine (Subfaculty of Dentistry) student
6 NickRoyle The Government of India did this for all citizens in India. The Cochrane Collaboration Chief Executive Officer
7 LauraAmato   Department of Epidemiology, Local Health Unit RM/E MD,
8 HelenCollins   Oxford University RGC
9 IrisPasternack   Finohta health technology assessment
10 RasmusMoustgaard   The Nordic Cochrane Centre System Developer