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Signatures for Petition to the European Commission to finance EU Provision to the Cochrane Library

ID First Name Last Name Comments Institution Function
11 PhyllisSpuls   Academic Medical Centre dermatologist
12 MariskaLeeflang   University of Amsterdam PhD student
13 ZbigniewFedorowicz As a UK citizen albeit based in the Middle East I am full supportive of this initiative The Bahrain Branch of the UK Cochrane Centre The Cochrane Collaboration The Director
14 RobertPlisko This is a great idea. HTA Consulting CEO
15 RafalWojcik   AHTA in Poland  
16 Erikvon Elm Important initiative to make high-quality health information available to all EU citizens. University of Freiburg / Germany Researcher
17 LeoOfferhaus Access to the Cochrane data is absolutely essential for good medical care and introduction of evidence-based medicine in Europe: Also to remain ahead of the USA! WHO Europe (retired) Head Pharmaceuticals
18 JulianeRied      
19 FilipCools   UZ Brussel Neonatologist
20 KateWhitfield Please fund free access to the Cochrane Library throughout Europe. Rigshospitalet, CPH Research Assistant