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Signatures for Petition to the European Commission to finance EU Provision to the Cochrane Library

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12051 EricWieduwild   Asklepios Schlossbergklinik Bad König Physiotherapeut
12052 SteveSteinberger   Techniker Krankenkasse Preventiin Consulting
12053 Dr.RobertWilcke      
12054 FlaviaBlebea      
12055 RafaelWitak Let there be light!    
12056 BjörnKabisch   UKJ R&D
12057 MarioRichter      
12058 ElviraVittinghoff   medac GmbH Assistant Information Service
12059 NormanNeubauer   Das Mosaik e.V. Coordinator
12060 StanisKozak   UZH Student, MA