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Signatures for Petition to the European Commission to finance EU Provision to the Cochrane Library

ID First Name Last Name Comments Institution Function
21 GrainneMcCabe   Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Assistant Librarian
22 FlorisVan de Laar   Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre MD
23 AnnaZawada In 2004 the EC and Council of Ministers targeted HTA as “a political priority” – so next steps are needed… AHTAPol main specialist
24 philipperavaud   AP-HP, University Paris7 head of department
25 MichelBoulvain The Cochrane Library is an unvaluable resource for clinicians, and the move to make it freely available is as important as the decision from the US to make Medline freely available via Pubmed. It will be an important decision of the EU. Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève Médecin-Adjoint (consultant)
27 LauraBianciardi   University of Siena, Italy Librarian
28 DouraiedBen Salem   University Hospital of Dijon MD
29 urszulapuskarz   nznz praktyka lekarza rodzinnego kierownik , lekarz
30 RistoRoine   Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District Chief Physician