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Signatures for Petition to the European Commission to finance EU Provision to the Cochrane Library

ID First Name Last Name Comments Institution Function
31 PatrickChevallier   UVSQ - CNGE Pr
32 FrédéricHUET   University of Burgundy MD, PhD
33 dominiquevillebrun   inserm information officer
34 NathalieChong-Sit   CHNO XV-XX Librian
35 GillesCREHANGE   Centre GF Leclerc Dijon FRANCE Physician
36 PauleSteelandt   Library of medicine Amiens Librarian
37 BarbaraNiedzwiedzka   Institute of Public Health JUMC researcher
38 Jean F.MARTIN As a public health physician and bioethician, I consider very important that the Cochrane Library be made available freely. Public Health Service, and University of Lausanne Chief Medical Officer
39 EileenKaner Access to research evidence on health (and health care) should be available to all regardless of their ability to pay. Newcastle University Research Professor
40 MariaMoreira   Oxford Brookes University Research Student